How to determine length of a menstrual cycle

How to determine length of a menstrual cycle

In the woman's organism periodically pass monthly cyclic fluctuations in the sexual sphere. These changes in a type of periods, that is blood allocations from a uterus are shown. Length of a menstrual cycle can testify to a state of health, failures signal about some malfunctions, and also about approach of a menopause. Absence of critical days can speak about a disease or about pregnancy. Therefore each woman has to watch a regularity of the periods.

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Keep a special calendar or the diary correctly to calculate duration of the menstrual cycle. Note in it the beginning and the end of critical days. Some months of supervision can be necessary for fuller picture. Also you can fix days of plentiful and poor allocations.

If you want to determine the approximate term of conception of the child, first of all determine length of a menstrual cycle. For this purpose from the beginning of the last critical days count seven-fourteen days (ovulation time), it and will be the approximate period with date of approach of pregnancy.

Duration of a menstrual cycle is considered from the first day of critical days to first day of the following minus 1. For example, the periods began on January 1, following – on January 28. Thus, length of a menstrual cycle makes 27 days. Conducting similar notes within several months, you will be able to calculate average duration and a cycle and critical days.

Length of a menstrual cycle of the healthy woman fluctuates within 25-30 days, but this number can change, for example, there are women at whom the cycle is equal to thirty two days. If it is no more than five-six days of fluctuation, it is considered that the girl has a regular menstrual cycle. If the difference makes more than eight days, such violation is a symptom of any disease.

Duration of critical days varies within two-six days. In case this period is much shorter or longer, it is necessary to address for consultation to the doctor. Possibly it is a symptom of any violation in an organism, for example hormonal failure. However, it can be and your specific feature.