How to refund expenses on travelers

How to refund expenses on travelers

At departure in business trip the expenses incurred during a trip are refunded to the staff of firm in a full size. They are documented, are the annex to the expense report, the report on business trip. Expenses which are paid by the company, register in the local act of the enterprise called "The provision on business trip".

It is required to you

- documents for business trip;
- expense report;
- supporting documents;
- collective agreement of the company.

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If in your firm departure of workers in business trip is initially supposed, state an order of paperwork and reimbursement during a trip in the collective agreement, other local statutory act of the organization. As a rule, such document is called as the provision on business trip. Surely acquaint employees on receipt with the contract. In the presence in firm of the trade-union organization consider opinion of its chairman, being electoral body.

After return the employee is obliged to issue the report on business trip including advance the report, on the basis of these documents payments are made. And advance the report is filled in within three days from the moment of arrival in the company. At departure in a trip to the worker accountable money is given by accounts department. If the sum of the money which is actually spent and given out earlier to the expert differ among themselves, recalculation becomes. In that case the difference comes back the worker to cash desk of the enterprise if it positive, or is given to the employee at negative result. And the sum of the document AO-1 is approved by the director. Only after that payments, recalculation are made (if it takes place).

At registration of the expense report on the back of the document by the expert who came back from business trip the list of the expenses made on a trip registers. Then the list of the documents which are confirmation of expenses is written. These are tickets (a car, an avia, railway), checks for payment of food, housing and other expenses which are coordinated with the employer. Consider that daily allowance does not need to be confirmed, as their size, as a rule, fixed. All expenses connected with business trip are exempted from taxation on profit. And there are determined sums within which it is possible to consider daily allowance as the expenses exempted from payment of a tax.