How to wake the friend

How to wake the friend

The Internet abounds with rollers on "how to wake the friend". Students have fun generally. But also that who never lived in dormitories to eat than boast before other world. Everything is used: from classical alarm clocks before extreme draws.

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Take an old Soviet alarm clock, get it for a certain time and put in a galvanized bucket. It is proud leave up to the appointed hour. If the friend does not wake up after terrifying alarm clock roar then, the bucket failed.


Take the same bucket, previously having taken out from it due to a misunderstanding the alarm clock placed there, pour cold water there (as option – impose as much as possible snow if business happens in the winter in a bucket). Pour out (or pour out) contents of galvanized capacity on serenely sleeping friend and instantly retire, differently snow is required to you soon to put to "lamp" under an eye. One more option for a cold season: accurately, that till a time not to wake the friend, to open wide open a window in a bitter cold and to be evacuated on warmer winter quarters.


If your friend the day before touched with alcohol, and the party was successful so that before arrival of parents alone it is not possible to consult, use the old checked method, having brought the vatochka which is plentifully moistened with sal ammoniac to the snuffling friend's nose.


If your friend fell asleep in the yard of your house or on the street, wake him by means of the ancient Chinese invention – gunpowder. For this purpose it is not necessary to search for antiquated hunting grists, it is always enough to keep in readiness an impressive linking of petards. Tie her to a foot of the friend's baby sleeping a dream, set fire to one of petards and run away so far as far as it is possible. That can happen to your friend further, you can look on one of the pages, namely at


It is possible to try also one more way on which large letters wrote "Made in China". Take two glasses. Pour in one of them waters – approximately on 2/3 glasses. Approach a headboard of the victim of your experiments, bend and start pouring patiently and methodically water from a glass in a glass. The organism will react adequately: your friend, of course, will not go crazy from this kind of the Chinese torture but if he the day before did not refuse to himself alcohol, in the shortest possible time in a literal sense will get into a mess.