How to clean illumination of labels on a desktop

How to clean illumination of labels on a desktop

Illumination of labels on a desktop can sometimes be not so necessary. It is possible to change this parameter without use of any specially developed programs or special skills.

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Right-click on desktop area, free from labels. Choose "Properties". You will open a new window with parameters which belong to settings of a desktop, to a display resolution, a choice of wall-paper and prompts, also here you will find also a solution with illumination of labels. For this purpose pass to the Desktop tab.


Press the Control of a Desktop button, in the opened window you will see all possible settings which can independently make for control of appearance of a desktop. Open the Web tab. There you will see that you have a tick opposite to action "To fix desktop elements". Remove it, apply and keep changes.


It is also possible to change the shadow cast by badges, for this purpose open "My computer" and on space, free from badges, right-click. Press properties. You will have a new window with several tabs – choose the last from them, it is called "In addition". Choose the Parameters button which belongs to speed of system. Clean a tick from the "Rejection of Shadows Badges on a Desktop" point.


Apply and keep changes. Perhaps, to you will suggest to restart system in order that new parameters came into force. This point of control of a desktop is connected with the effects influencing speed of system. Also you can use applications of third-party developers for control of appearance of a desktop and system. For example, the XP Tweaker program which offers the user the expanded mode of control of appearance of an operating system.


If you cannot change the parameter of display of web elements of a desktop, simply change primary color in properties of a desktop – make it the closest to color scale of wall-paper, and allocation of labels to you will be not so noticeable.