How to order products in the Duck-bill

How to order products in the Duck-bill

Many supermarkets offer buyers service in delivery of products to the house. But there are distribution networks which specialize on delivery of products and essentials to your threshold and at any time convenient for you.

It is required to you

- the computer with the connected Internet or phone.

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Open your browser, enter into the address line, pass to this page, having pressed the Enter key. On the main page of Utkonos online store find on the right above the orange Be registered button.

Press it. You will get on a new page with the empty personal questionnaire. Pay attention that that field, which names are written by bold print, it is necessary to fill.

Enter the name, a surname, a middle name, the e-mail address and the convenient address to you in the corresponding places. It is also desirable to leave the phone number, house or mobile.

Read terms of service and put the tick signaling about your consent to processing and storage of personal information. If you do not want to receive the notice of news in a distribution network "Duck-bill", remove a tick in the corresponding point.

Press the Send button which is under the questionnaire. On the following page you receive instructions on further actions: check the e-mail, that address which you specified at registration.

Open the letter from the site "Duck-bill", there will be eight-digit number of your card and the four-digit password, it is a PIN code. Remember or write down them. Follow back on the site "Duck-bill" the link which will be in the letter. On the right in the top part of the screen there will be two fields where it will be necessary to enter number of the card and a PIN code.

Make it and press the green Enter button, near a field for input of a PIN code. In the center of the page there will be an illustrated list of sections of the catalog (products, household chemicals, etc.), on the right – the same list, but without pictures.

Choose the necessary section and products, their quantity and put in a basket, pressing a green button which is under the image of each goods.

Having collected a basket completely, press a line "To choose the address and time of delivery" which is on the right, over the big orange button.

Enter the address, choose convenient date and time of that you will be offered by system. You can also take away products directly from shop, for this purpose it is necessary to choose delivery in shop, but not on the house.

11 Press "To issue the order". Check goods in the basket and press the green Order button, under the list of goods.

12 Call in "Duck-bill" and order delivery in the operator, using the catalog on the site or helps of the operator.