How to choose the good wife

How to choose the good wife

The good wife – guarantee of stable family relationship, wellbeing and happy life. It is quite difficult to find the girl with whom it would be desirable to go hand in hand all life, to have children and to come to a worthy old age.

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That there would not speak about silly prejudices and the prejudiced relation, genes and bad heredity – not an empty phrase. If the girl's parents - addicts or alcoholics, most likely, sooner or later she too descends from the correct way. Besides in case of abuse of alcohol of the girl's mother during pregnancy, it can have serious problems with health.

The ideal family has to possess the general focus of interest. Unites people not only love and a spiritual unification, but also a community of outlooks on life and hobbies. Interests of future wife should not be limited to culinary forums and chatter with girlfriends by phone. You like cyclings? It is good if the girl adores trips by bicycles on days off. Joint drivings on snowboards and campaigns in theater will make a family stronger – interest in such partner long will not die away. On only one feelings the family will not last long.

Friends and other environment. Remember expression "Tell me who your friend and I will tell who you are". It is actual and at a choice of future spouse. All her friends after a wedding will become also yours. Her loose girlfriends and friends with a shadowy past will give you a constant inconvenience.

Personal qualities of the girl are important. The potential wife should not be silly – such will quickly bother because even there is nothing to talk to her. The lazy wife will not make to you a breakfast early in the morning, will clean the apartment of times a year before arrival of the mother-in-law and will not begin to iron to you shirts. Too young girl will treat marriage too thoughtlessly and, perhaps, will flirt behind your back with everyone.

The girl has to love the body and be able to look after herself. Excessively bright make-up, tasteless clothes and the peeled varnish on nails are too "bright" signals of that the girl does not watch herself and possesses nasty taste.