How to write down the song on the computer

How to write down the song on the computer

Let's present quite real situation – there was a wish to us for glory. For this purpose remembered all lessons of a vocal, collected band, long worked on the text and music, constantly improving and improving already almost exceptional creation. And here it is a voluptuous instant – record! But here the trouble – knows nobody how to write down the song on the computer. Actually it not a problem. Be now convinced.

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There is quite large number of ways of record of a song on the computer. It is possible to take, for example, an ordinary dictophone, to press the Rec key and to sing and play the pleasure. Considering that fact that with development of modern technologies the equipment is perfect on so many that the same dictophone can be connected simply to the computer and to throw all efforts and efforts to the hard drive, special problems should not arise.


It is also possible to use other option – video. Here at once both track, and clip. Generally, two pleasures in one. Simply and conveniently. However it is worth taking into account that fact that in the first and second case quality of record will suffer very strongly.


In order that quality of record did not suffer, it is possible to make on another. For this purpose directly we connect tools and a microphone to the computer and we begin record.
For convenience of work it is recommended to have the mixer panel. It by means of an USB cable is connected to the computer. And it is possible to connect both musical instruments, and a microphone to the panel. Plus to everything it is possible to regulate loudness, to connect earphones and to listen to that is written down, in passing adding new material.
The same and with a microphone. If there is a mixer panel – work via the panel. If this unit is absent – that we are not upset. The microphone can be connected to the computer directly. For this purpose it is necessary to find a pink opening on the sound card. It is a microphone entrance. We connect, respectively, a microphone and above-mentioned port, and we take the following step.


To keep record, it is necessary to use special programs. Most well the Sony Sound Forge and FL Studio programs approach for this purpose. Intuitively clear interface will help to understand all subtleties of this program, plus creation and editing record. Good luck.