How to treat an anklebone fracture

How to treat an anklebone fracture

The fracture of an anklebone is subdivided into some categories. Treatment to be carried out depending on a type of a change and can be both conservative, and quick, and also stationary. If you suspect that got a change which can be shown in the form of sharp or dull ache, puffinesses, reddenings, immediately address to the traumatologist.

It is required to you

- immediately to address to the traumatologist;
- x-ray picture;
- conservative, quick or hospitalization.

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To you will make a x-ray picture and will impose plaster. But it only if the change has no shift and in the injured place the crack was formed. Before overlaying of plaster will enter novocaine solution into a place of an extensive hematoma.


Plaster can be imposed only on change area, but the so-called boot when toes remain free is most often imposed, and the change place is fixed by dense plaster above. Right after imposing of a clamp to you again will carry out a control X-ray as joints on an anklebone are subject to shift. Treatment will be appointed out-patient, and it can last from 6 to 12 weeks depending on a change. That is the more cracks or changes, the more long it is necessary to carry plaster.


If the change is followed by dislocation, before overlaying of the fixing plaster will make reposition of dislocation. It becomes by means of the surgeon's hands, without use of some tools. Reposition is carried out under local anesthesia and can terminate as successfully, not to yield result.


If shift extensive, and thus is present strong dislocation, you hospitalize, will carry out an extract and will insert spokes. On an extract it is necessary to lie, 4-5 weeks, without rising. Through the specified time the repeated x-ray picture is carried out, plaster, again a picture is imposed. In this case disability is tightened for the period till 6 months.


Expeditious treatment can be appointed in the presence of bone otlomk, at unfortunate reposition of dislocation or shift, at an open change and also if the bone does not grow together or grew together incorrectly.


After treatment to you will appoint physioprocedures, remedial gymnastics, daily fixing by elastic bandage within 12 months. An anklebone it will be impossible to load, overstrain, carry footwear on a heel, to lift weights. Also can appoint a course of vitamin therapy and control inspection.