How to couch sunflower seeds?

How to couch sunflower seeds?
For a prorashchivaniye it is possible to take the cleared seeds or seeds, crude from a peel. Couch sunflower seeds in bank.

The cleared seeds which are on sale, will hardly be suitable for a prorashchivaniye. They pass mechanical cleaning of a peel and generally seeds turn out injured and unsuitable for a prorashchivaniye – with cracks, chips or are simply broken on part. There are exceptions when the cleared sunflower seeds one in one if meet such are on sale – buy. If is not present, it is better to take seeds in a peel. Upon purchase pay attention to density of seeds, clear some sunflower seeds to look at their quality. In principle, does not matter small seeds or large – the main thing that they were sound.
Seeds can be cleared manually of a peel, but it will demand a lot of time. It is more expedient to couch the crude seeds.
They need to be washed out, filled in with a pure small amount, to leave for some hours, then again to wash out and fill in with water. When seeds arise, shutters of a peel and a seed together with a sprout will be slightly opened is easily taken without the slightest damage.
It is necessary to store sunflower sprouts in the refrigerator not more long than five days therefore it is necessary to couch seeds small parties.