How to add photos on the site

How to add photos on the site

Can add images to a social network everyone. The main thing - to consider rules which were developed by founders of the sites. Otherwise photos will be blocked, and other users will not be able to watch at them.

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Before addition of photos on the site sort them. Select those, which weight no more than five megabytes. Try to select the images with beautiful statement of a shot. Separately group family pictures, working, from rest or nurseries. You should not expose on a public inspection on what it is impossible to understand who is represented, depicted or indistinct.


Visit the website and create folders for a photo. Designate them that users knew, what contents they will see pictures there.


Find in a profile an inscription "To load a photo on the site" or "To load images on the site". Click on the link. There will be a field with a window "to Open". Click on it. You will get to the computer. Will choose the section and a heading where the images prepared for unloading on a portal are located. Will choose the first. Having clamped the ctrl key it is possible to note at the same time from 10 to 50 images, depending on rules of a resource and throughput of an Internet channel.


When photos appeared on the site, give them names. It will be interesting to the users visiting your page and it is useful for you. In two-three years you can not remember where the picture was made. And its description will allow to deal with it.


Note in photos of friends. Then these pictures will be available and on their pages.


Press the Keep button. All images and additional information will be uploaded to the website. At any time unnecessary photos can be removed easily, having clicked the corresponding link.