On what bed it is possible to have sex, and on what - no?

On what bed it is possible to have sex, and on what - no?
Correctly picked up bed linen is of great importance for good sex. The unsuccessful choice of bed linen is capable to spoil simply even the most unforgettable night. Therefore, preparing for romantic appointment, pay to "a love place" special attention. So, on what bed it is best of all to have sex, and on what - no?
1) Tell no synthetics. The bed from pure synthetics on the spot will kill any romantic evening. The bed will be unimaginably electrified, body and head hair will bristle, and caress of each other can turn into a painful exchange of portions of static electricity.
Fortunately, the bed linen is not made of synthetics, but synthetic covers on a bed meet. Therefore brake at not sorted bed and be not too lazy to reject a synthetic cover away.
2) Silk - for fans of extreme sports. In spite of the fact that heroes of love movies have sex by all means on silk sheets, in practice this process is quite extreme. Silk - the material calculated on the fan. In the summer the silk touch pleasantly cools, but also in the winter a bed from silk - extremely cold.
Besides, the silk bed linen constantly flies on a floor, slides under a body... Generally, silk - option for lovers - thrill-seekers.
3) Bed linen from flax. When air in the room is heated to a limit, this option - simply a find. Flax is ideally suited for hot summer days. However, well passing air and absorbing moisture, flax is hardish for occupations by love.
4) Cotton - fine option for a love bed. But nevertheless it is necessary to consider that it has to be natural. Therefore upon purchase of such bed linen, be attentive.
Perfectly also mixes approach - the cotton linen with a small amount of viscose is capable to present the weight of the pleasant nights spent on it.