How do puchkovy eyelash extension?

How do puchkovy eyelash extension?
Puchkovy eyelash extension is one of the new directions in cosmetology. Thanks to such way of an eyelash look magnificent and well-groomed. In what an essence of this method?

This eyelash extension executions, rather inexpensive and fast on time. Its essence that there is an accession of several eyelashes which are collected in a bunch to own eyelash. Thereby, the master does not need to fix to each eyelash a donor eyelash, it is enough to attach some such bunches to eyelashes and magnificent, long eyebrows are ready. On itself the bunch consists, as a rule, of five or seven eyelashes which are made of natural fibers of a phytogenesis. Thanks to this method it is possible to correct length, density of eyelashes.

The only minus in such building consists that eyelashes look not absolutely naturally and if the eyelash to which the bunch of eyelashes was attached drops out, it is necessary to carry out urgent correction of eyelashes. Such increased eyelashes will be able to serve the hostess from seven to thirty days, it depends on the term of life of eyelashes natural.

This procedure harmless and painless for the eyelashes. Such building allows to forget both about an eyeliner and about ink.

Before making puchkovy building, it is necessary to remove completely all cosmetics from eyes, then it is necessary to degrease eyelids by means of special structure. It is necessary to be convinced that you have no allergy to the gluing structure. Then together with the master it is necessary to pick up color and length of future eyelashes. The master by means of the glued structure and tweezers accurately attaches donor bunches of eyelashes on an upper eyelid. Such procedure is begun, as a rule, with an external corner of an eye. Eyes before the end of building do not open.