How to calculate pension

How to calculate pension

At achievement by the senior citizen by employees of RPF the grant is calculated state. Its size depends on an experience of the person who is carrying out work, the sums of monthly earnings. The pension pays off on the basis of the service record, and also accounting documents on a salary.

It is required to you

- the service record, other documents confirming the seniority of the worker;
- calculator;
- acts of the local government;
- documents on the sizes of a salary of the worker.

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Define the worker's experience. He is found by summation of the periods of performance of labor duties of the employee in each company. For this purpose write out start dates, completion of work of the expert in concrete firm. Put them among themselves and find the seniority of the worker in calendar days.

Allocate the whole years, months in the received result (for the whole year take 360 days, for the whole month – 30 days). Calculate stazhevy coefficient. For this purpose increase an experience of the worker advanced in years by the size of assessment of one year of an experience (this indicator is established by acts of the regional government for every year). If the experience of the employee makes 28 years 4 months, for calculation of coefficient it is necessary to take 28+4/12.

Define average monthly earnings of the expert. For this purpose put the sums of remunerations for any 60 months of continuous work chosen by the employee. Then the received result on number of months in the specified period.

Now divide average monthly earnings into an average salary across the Russian Federation (she is approved by the Government of the Russian Federation for the certain period taken for calculation of pension). Increase result by an average salary of the Russian Federation which is established by acts to charge, change the pension size.

Subtract a basic unit from the received sum of settlement pension (it is defined on the basis of acts). Increase result by the period during which charge of payments is expected. In 2013 it will be 19 years. The pension capital of welfare payment will turn out.

Now find insurance part of welfare payment. For this purpose increase the calculated sum of the pension capital by time of charge of pension.

For employees 1967 will also be younger at retirement the size of welfare payment to pay off in a different way. As the pension will depend not only on obligatory insurance premiums, but also on the amounts transferred by workers on a funded part of a grant.