How to connect two columns to the computer

How to connect two columns to the computer

Connection of columns to the computer happens through an analog output on the sound card. It is important that in system sound drivers were installed and sound parameters are adjusted, differently to reproduce audiofiles it will not turn out.

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Check, whether sound drivers are installed in system. Pass into "Device manager" (right mouse button to "My computer" - "Device manager"). If in the opened window there is no tree component "Sound, video and game devices" or in this point the model of your sound card is not specified, drivers are absent and it is necessary to make installation.

Learn model of your sound card and a name of the manufacturer. Marking can be applied directly on the card. Its name can be specified panels where sound exits are located. The model can be specified in documentation to the computer. If it was not succeeded to define the manufacturer, establish the free utility of CPU-Z which will test your equipment and will show the name of a sound card.

Pass to the site of the producer of the card, having entered his name in any searcher. Load the latest version of the software. Make installation according to instructions of an installer, and then reboot.

Thrust the plug in a sound computer output. Usually the opening for columns has green color, however depending on model and the producer of a payment it can differ in the color or situation on the computer panel. If after connection the dialog box for the instruction like the connected device opens, choose "Columns".

Test a sound. If the sound still does not work, check settings of loudness of system. Pass into the control panel of the sound card and replace the Columns point with "Earphones". Check, whether in the correct opening loudspeakers are connected, whether completely will thrust the plug.

If you want to connect the second couple of columns, it is necessary to check, whether it allows the sound card. For this purpose look for the corresponding points of the menu in the control panel of the driver (for example, "loudspeaker 2CH"). If the present possibility is present, simply thrust the plug of the second loudspeakers in the second exhaust outlet. Otherwise you can get a splitter for Jack 3,5mm opening in any shop of radio goods.