How to choose jewels

How to choose jewels

The semi-precious stones sparkling in all flowers sparkling precious minerals – emeralds, rubies, diamonds, pearls, sapphires and other. Scatterings of jewelry with stones in each jewelry store strike, bewitch. How to choose the stone from all this variety? And on what signs to choose? One of criteria – type of appearance of future owner of a stone.

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It is considered that stones should be chosen on two signs:
a) on heart (ornament has to be pleasant) and
b) as appearance of the person to whom the stone is intended.

The second criterion means literally that when fitting jewelry with minerals, it is necessary to be guided by the type of appearance. There are 4 tsvetotip: spring, autumn, summer, winter.


"Spring" blondes with gentle-peach skin, light or golden eyes the nature are intended for wearing graceful filigree jewelry of red, white and yellow gold or platinum. Their jewels have not striking shades and the muffled noble gloss. Yellow topazes, sapphires, amber, golden or cream pearls, corals concern to that.


On "autumn" brown-haired women with radiant eyes – brown, gray-steel, green or blue red and yellow gold perfectly looks. Their stones have saturated shades and the muffled gloss: amber, yellow pearls, golden topaz.


Classical "summer" blondes with light eyes and gentle skin amazingly suit ancient jewelry in which they and look as the real jewels. But, if somewhere on an attic the casket with grandmother's jewelry was overlooked, it is necessary to be content with modern jewelry.

"Summer" women suit white or red gold. Their jewels differ in the gentle, muffled and cool shades: the gray and pink pearls, fell down, changeable alexandrite, aquamarine and, of course, diamonds of all shades.


Contrast and bright representatives of "winter" type – white-skinned brunettes with bright eyes of fialkovy, blue, brown, black and blue flowers. Their jewelry – icy, cold, same bright, as their owners.

Girls of winter type amazingly will suit the earrings, a necklace, bracelets and rings from white gold, platinum, silver decorated with the sparkling minerals of saturated shades. Diamonds, rubies of very saturated shades, emeralds, white and black pearls, for example, concern to them.