Why the time zone is called as GMT

Why the time zone is called as GMT

In attempt to learn, how many now time in other region and in other country, you, most likely, will face the concept "time zone". But often it is designated by a special abbreviation of GMT. From where it undertook, and what it designates?

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "Why the Time Zone Is Called as GMT" How to learn exact time in Moscow How to pass to winter time How to learn a difference of GMT is an abbreviation of the English phrase of Greenwich Mean Time which is translated as "average time across Greenwich". Average time is understood as astronomical time of a meridian on which there was a building of the Greenwich observatory earlier. This place is considered "reference point" for all time zones.

The Greenwich royal observatory became a place of counting of time not incidentally. It appeared in the XVII century in the city of Greenwich (England). There calculations, important for seafarers, including, concerning time were conducted. When Great Britain became the largest empire, calculation of time "across Greenwich" extended and on the dependent states, and at the end of the XIX century this system of the report was accepted by almost whole world. In 1884 special international conference on a definition occasion of "a counting meridian" was held even. Time in other countries was determined by remoteness from Greenwich meridian, that is from that time zone where there was Great Britain.

In the seventies the reference system of world time was replaced with more exact - on calculation for the world coordinate time a little different from time on Greenwich meridian. Nevertheless, the abbreviation of GMT is still often used as a tradition tribute.

What designate figures before GMT abbreviation? It is time difference between the Greenwich observatory and other chosen territory. For example, if you are in the time zone of GMT+3, for example, in Moscow, so the time difference with a meridian of counting makes three hours, thus in Moscow time is later. The minus sign before figure designates that time needs to reckon in the opposite direction: when in London 11 hours, in the region with GMT-2 9 more.

But thus it is worth to rememberit is worth to remember what not in all countries there is a time conversion for winter time. In 2011 it is cancelled and in Russia. In this case, the indicator of GMT will change depending on a season.