How to bake pineapple cake?

How to bake pineapple cake?
Today you will surprise with pastries with exotic fruit of very few people. And still recipes of cakes not so often meet pineapples or a citrus though pastries this tasty and preparation takes not much time.

Necessary products

100 grams of butter
125 grams of sugar
Two eggs
225 grams of a flour
Baking powder bag (10 grams)
20 grams of coconut flakes
Jar of tinned pineapples


Oil to kindle and cool to room temperature. To shake up eggs with sugar, to mix with oil and to stir so far sugar completely will not be dissolved. We add coconut flakes, the sifted flour and a baking powder to this mix. Carefully we knead before obtaining the uniform test.
We get slices of pineapples from banks, we shift in a colander that excess liquid flew down.
We oil a baking dish and we spread in it a half of dough. We display slices of pineapples. We cover with the second half of dough, we put in the oven warmed to 180 degrees. We bake about an hour. Ready cake still the hot is strewed with icing sugar, we allow to cool down and we cut on slices.