How to start drawing a portrait

How to start drawing a portrait

Portrait - the work of the fine arts containing an image of the person. It can be reproduced from nature or is drawn on the basis of the photo. However in either case the beginning artists at the initial stage of work often face a set of difficulties.

It is required to you

- canvas;
- pencil;
- eraser;
- paints and brushes.

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Prepare all necessary materials for creation of a portrait: pull a canvas, grind pencils, get paints and brushes. Do not forget about an eraser, only only do not hurry to use it: it "skims" papers, thereby thinning a leaf.

Pay attention to proportions of the person and try to transfer in accuracy them to a canvas. Plan a head arrangement, record the direction of a trunk, designate length of hands and feet if draw the person in all growth. It is recommended to begin drawing of a body not with its contours, and with sketches of "skeleton" - the simple straight lines designating different sites of a trunk (a back, a humeral belt, a hip, a shin, a shoulder, a forearm, a wrist, foot, a neck).

Be verified with proportions of an initial image. If they are observed, give to a trunk the form. Do not focus attention on trifles as at an initial stage of drawing they are not important. Return to them only after a detailed portrayal of the head.

For each portrait painter the person – the most responsible site on which study the perception of a picture in general depends. If the head in situation a fullface, at first put with the easy movement one vertical line in the middle, then some horizontal, designating level eyes, eyebrows, a mouth.

Always remember correctness of proportions. The beginning artists often make the same mistake: leave not enough place for a forehead. As a result the face turns out very far from an ideal. To avoid it, draw the first horizontal line in the middle: it will designate the level of eyes. Make a start from it when drawing other marking. The ear has to begin on a site between an eyebrow and an external corner of an eye, and come to an end slightly below than nose wings. It is natural if the head is inclined, proportions will be a bit differents.

When the sketch is ready, it is possible to pass to the following step – a detailed portrayal of a portrait.