How to bend a stainless steel

How to bend a stainless steel

Among technologies of processing of metal it is flexible occupies one of the leading places. For receiving details of a necessary form sheet metal (including stainless steel) and preparations of other form should be subjected to such deformation with use of various technologies and the equipment.

It is required to you

the machine, skill of work with steel

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Use the special equipment. The greatest distribution was gained by listogiba – machines for change of a form of steel sheets from various metals. If, for example, you are engaged in roofing works, that is to get sense manual listogib. Such machine, as a rule, has small cost, it is convenient, compact and it can be used directly on place of production of works. Depending on a configuration of roofing sheets there are various types of manual adaptations.

Other type of the equipment – the listogibochny rollers intended only for processing of sheet metal including from stainless steel. Working elements of such machine are two lower and one top shaft, fixed on a plate. Process of formatting of sheet metal consists that the top roll makes progress in the vertical plane concerning preparation, providing the necessary configuration of a leaf.

Get a production press, it is the most widespread type of the equipment necessary to you. A basic element of a press – the punch mounted on a ram belt. At the same time on a lining of a press or directly on a plate the matrix having a form, as a rule, of a direct groove or a corner is established. If you decided to get the universal equipment for are flexible sheets from stainless steel, the best option for this purpose - the press. During the work it is possible not only to change for them quickly details, but also to recustomize on production of other products.

Besides are flexible sheets the otkatka of pipes and rods is very demanded. On this case special bending machines are provided. You can bend pipes of small diameter in the cold way. It is especially actual at repair of a water supply system or heating. In such trubogibochny machines the principle of winding of pipes round a roller is used. Pipes with a diameter more than 95 mm bend on machines with high-frequency heating.