How to prepare vegetables in a convection oven

How to prepare vegetables in a convection oven
How to prepare vegetables in a convection oven

To cook in a convection oven not only unusually well, but also it is useful. By means of a convection oven at you the tasty and juicy dinner without addition of fat and oil will turn out, and it plays large role in fight for a healthy lifestyle. Also huge plus is also that factor that products which prepare in a convection oven, as much as possible keep microcells and vitamins.

The preparation time of 27 minutes is required to you Eggplants in an Adzharian way: 1 kg of eggplants; 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil; 1/2 glasses of dry wine (white); 2 bulbs; 3 segments of garlic; 6th tomato; 50 g of olives without stones; spices to taste (tack almonds bay leaf a thyme a nutmeg pepper salt). Potatoes in a convection oven: 10 potatoes; 50 ml of sunflower oil; chili powder; salt. Vegetables stewed in a convection oven: 200 g of cabbage (white); 1 carrots; 1 potatoes; 1/2 onions; spices to taste; fresh greens. The stuffed vegetable marrows in a convection oven: 2 vegetable marrows; 1 carrots; 1 processed cheese; 1 potatoes; 1 turnip (small); 1 tomato; 50 g of cheese (firm grade); 2 garlic gloves; spices to taste. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Prepare Vegetables in a Convection Oven" How to cook meat in a pot How to prepare a pike perch in an oven How to prepare an omelet with milk



Eggplants in an Adzharian way.
Wash eggplants and cut circles no more than 1 cm thick. Salt them and put in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes. After that wash out eggplants and dry. Wash out garlic and onions, clear and crush. Prepare a special baking pan, in advance having oiled it sunflower, and spread layers: the crushed onions, garlic, eggplants, tomatoes cut by circles, olives and various spices. At the end add dry wine, cover a form and extinguish in a convection oven within 20-30 minutes at 220 degrees. This dish can serve as the basic, or as a garnish.


Potatoes in a convection oven.
Wash out potatoes, clean and dry. Cut each tuber lengthways, but not up to the end, on 4-6 parts. In big ware mix potatoes with vegetable oil, having salted and having peppered. It is necessary to bake in a convection oven on the lower lattice within 30-35 minutes at a temperature of 220 degrees. This dish will be an excellent garnish to fish or meat.


Vegetables, stewed in a convection oven.
Wash vegetables, clear and dry. Chop cabbage straws. Grate carrots on a large grater. Cut potatoes with cubes. Crush onions or cut with half rings. Season vegetables with spices and prepare on the lower lattice of a convection oven, having closed a cover. Temperature in a convection oven - 240-250 degrees. This food prepares within 30-40 minutes and is served on the open dish decorated with fresh greens.


The stuffed vegetable marrows in a convection oven.
Wash out vegetables, clear and dry. Cut vegetable marrows lengthways and clear of seeds. Grate turnip, potatoes and carrots on a large grater. Crush garlic and tomato. Grate a processed cheese and mix with other ingredients. Stuff with this mix vegetable marrows and put in a roasting sleeve. This dish to prepare in a convection oven at a temperature of 220 degrees within 30 minutes.