Where there live hedgehogs?

Where there live hedgehogs?
The first that occurs when you ask a question of a residence of a hedgehog is the wood. And if is more concrete? It will be answered not by each. So where after all there live hedgehogs?

If to speak about question geography, hedgehogs live … practically everywhere. Europe, Asia Minor and even New Zealand – here those places where it is possible to meet charming carriers of needles.

As it was already told earlier, hedgehogs prefer to locate in the woods. However, not each wood is necessary to hedgehogs on temper. Hedgehogs do not love an impassable forest jungle, give them – steppes, meadows or coppices.

Lodges at hedgehogs represent the nests made of land vegetation. Nests of hedgehogs usually settle down in prickly bushes which serve as natural protection to little inhabitants of the wood.