How to learn, on what cemetery the person is buried

How to learn, on what cemetery the person is buried

Relatives and friends not always have idea where the family member is buried. Reasons set. Communication with the dead, opportunity it is simple to stay near their grave are important for the person.

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Surely remember date of death of the searched person, and also a surname, a name and a middle name of the dead. Try to find the certificate on death. The body of the Civil Registration (CR) in which the death of the person is registered is always specified in it. Now it is necessary to address directly in the REGISTRY OFFICE which gave out it.

Having come to the REGISTRY OFFICE, address to department of registration of death. Show the certificate on death. In case the died person - your relative, without problems issue you data on a place it burial if is not present, then state to employees the REGISTRY OFFICE a situation, tell how it is important for you to possess this information. Employees the REGISTRY OFFICE will issue you information on on what cemetery of people is buried, permission to burial, a place of registration and a place of stay of the person at the time of death, his full name, a surname, a middle name.

Now it is worth learning reliability of information. In the territory of a cemetery address to administration of a cemetery or employees and ask to prompt where the person is buried, or to give information where there were burials during the necessary period. Bypass this site of a cemetery, paying attention to all graves. Perhaps, you will be able to find a burial place.

Besides, knowing date of burial, you can bypass all cemeteries of the settlement. Surely appeal to administration on each of them to show the burial places relating to a certain date. Convince heads and employees that it is really important for you. The biggest minus of a way - he demands big expenses of time.

Descend in library or archive where filings of newspapers are collected. Try to find information on date and a place of burial of the person if find the necessary obituary. In archives competent employees who will prompt to you work where to find the necessary burial.

Address to people who were present on a funeral, or to relatives of the dead. If you the friend or the relative, they give you information on a burial place. Also they can simply show the certificate on death. Make its copy and address to bodies the REGISTRY OFFICE.