How to prepare fish in beer batter

How to prepare fish in beer batter
How to prepare fish in beer batter

Fish in batter – quite simple and universal dish both for a usual meal, and for a holiday table. Batter can be prepared in different variations: on water, milk, proteins, sour cream, etc. And if to take beer as a basis, fish after frying will get the most tasty, air and a crisp.

The preparation time of 34 minutes is required to you For fish in batter: 500 g of fillet of fish; 150-200 ml of beer; 2 eggs; 200 g of a flour; salt; pepper; lemon juice; seasonings for fish.

For sauce: 2 garlic gloves; 2 tbsps of lemon juice; 6-8 tbsps of mayonnaise; 2-3 branches of fennel; salt; pepper.

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For preparation choose fish without bones or with the large easily separating costal bones, it can be, for example, a pike perch, a tilapia, a sole, a mullet, a humpback salmon, a trout, etc. To avoid tiresome cleaning and cutting of fish, buy the ready frozen fillet. For the correct defrosting at first place it in the refrigerator on the average shelf to a softening, and then sustain at the room temperature a little.

Wash out fillet in flowing water, dry a paper towel. Cut fish small slices about 4х4 cm in size. It is possible to show the imagination and to divide fillet into squares, rhombuses, strips, etc.

Lay out fish in a bowl, salt and pepper, add seasonings to the taste and slightly sprinkle lemon juice. Mix evenly to distribute the turned-out marinade between slices, and leave for 25-30 minutes.

At this time prepare batter. Separate the egg yolks from the whites and shake up with salt, add beer, mix, then gradually to a vsypta previously sifted flour. In separate ware beat whites in foam and enter them into dough. Knead it to density of sour cream, if necessary adding a flour, and watch that did not remain lumps.

For frying take a frying pan with high sides and bring in it to boiling vegetable oil. Its quantity has to be such that it enveloped fish from all directions (about 1-1,5 cm from a ware bottom).

Dip fillet slices in batter, spread them in the boiling oil and fry on moderate fire for 5-7 minutes from each party to a golden crust. Lay out ready portions on a paper napkin or a towel that fat flew down.

In batter it is possible to prepare sauce for fish. Crush garlic and fennel, wring out lemon juice, at desire add also pulp of a lemon. Connect ingredients to mayonnaise, salt, pepper and well mix or shake up by means of the blender.

Spread out slices of fish on plates, sauce them and decorate with greens branches. Lay out the remained sauce in a sauce-boat and give separately.