How to find system recovery

How to find system recovery

After installation of the new equipment or the software the computer can unstably work. For correction of this situation the option of restoration of earlier condition of system is built in Windows.

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To start system recovery, you will need the rights of the administrator. In the Start-up menu select the All Programs item, then "Standard", "Office" and "System recovery". Note necessary action: to restore system or to create a restoration point. For further work press "Further". If you chose restoration, celebrate date, the closest to that when in work of system malfunctions began.

Open a window of start of programs a combination of Win+R or press the Execute point in the Start-up menu. Enter team %SystemRoot%system32restorerstrui.exe. The system recovery window will be open. This code can also be written down in an address line of any folder on your computer.

There is one more way to find system recovery by means of a command line. Enter the msconfig team and select the Service tab. Find "System recovery" in the list of tasks and press "to Start".

In the Start-up menu note the Reference and Support team. Enter "System recovery" into a window of search. Find point necessary to you in the Choose a Task list.

It is possible to start system recovery, having chosen the corresponding option of loading. After turning on of the computer press F8 and in the appeared menu by means of command keys "Up" and "Down" note "Loading of the last successful configuration". Choose the necessary date from offered by system.

The same result can achieve if to note "The safe mode" in the menu of options of loading. After a question of system of further work in this mode answer "No". It will be offered to you to choose a system recovery point.

To set restoration parameters, in "Control panel" click on the pictogram "System" and in a window of properties pass "System recovery" into a bookmark. The window of properties can be caused differently. Click the right key on the pictogram the computer and note the option "Properties".