How to establish Kaspersky from a disk

How to establish Kaspersky from a disk

Anti-virus products of Kaspersky Lab deservedly enjoy the popularity, after all absolutely few competitive programs can be compared to them in reliability and convenience of operation. Besides, antiviruses of this company can be got easily in the nearest shop in which the software is on sale.

It is required to you

The personal computer with Internet connection
License disk with the Kaspersky's Antivirus program

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Getting Kaspersky's Antivirus on a disk, pay attention that will offer you licenses, various on the duration. The most popular – for half a year and for a year, it will be sometimes possible to meet an antivirus with license term for three months. Naturally, their price will strongly differ. Get that to you on a pocket, but do not forget that the more long license term, the cheaper to you it will manage at calculation for one month. Thus, getting the license at once for a year, you considerably will save subsequently.


Before installation of the program be convinced that on the computer no anti-virus products since in case of installation of two and more antiviruses of a consequence can be unpredictable are established, it is necessary to think of preliminary removal of programs of this class in advance.


After you insert a compact disk into CD ROM the drive, the setup will be started automatically. Press the button further. To you will suggest to study the license agreement, press "I agree". The following step the offer from Kaspersky Lab will participate in the Kaspersky Security Network program. If you agree to provide information on new threats, put a tick and press further. Installation will proceed.


After completion of installation it will be offered to you to activate this copy of the program. For this purpose the activation code located in a box from under a disk and Internet access will be required. Enter your code of activation in the field which is specially taken away for this purpose. After that there will be a form in which it will be necessary to enter the e-mail, a name and the country. In some seconds there will be a connection with the server, and registration of the program will be finished. Press further and to finish.


Having loaded, the antivirus will appear in a tray, but on it your actions cannot be considered up to the end complete, now it is necessary to make updating of anti-virus bases. For this purpose guide the mouse cursor at an antivirus badge, press the right button of a mouse, then the inscription highlighted in bold type Kaspersky's Antivirus. In the menu choose "updating" at the left and "to execute updating". This procedure can last of several minutes till a couple of hours then Kaspersky's Antivirus will be completely ready to work.