How to choose front paint

How to choose front paint

You had a desire to paint a facade of the house, but you do not know, what paint can be applied? Correctly to choose front paint, it is necessary to be based on technical and operational conditions of the building.

It is required to you

- to learn climatic conditions;
- to find out material of walls;
- to consider color of a roof and base.

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Consider that paints for coloring of facades of buildings happen different, and before deciding on a choice like paints, carry out the detailed analysis of climatic conditions in your region and like a surface for coloring.

For wooden walls use alkidny and akrilatny paints as they get deeply into structure of a tree and cover it with a glossy layer which pushes away water and reflects ultra-violet radiation. You should not apply paints like "Enamel" or "Nitro" as they are afraid of frequent difference of temperatures and a sunlight, and are recommended for internal works.

For coloring of facades on a cement and sand basis choose paints of acrylic group, they differ from vinyl paints in that possess the increased paropropuskny ability, so, the wall of premises will not become covered with condensate that long time will allow the painted surface to remain invariable. Besides, consider that acrylic paints possess good water-repellent property, and it means that the facade can be cleared of pollution.

Are not afraid of ultra-violet radiation and do not burn out cement and limy paints under the influence of sunshine, safely choose them for sunny side of the building. Thus remember that cement paints are delivered in the form of dry mix and they should be diluted still.

In climatic zones with low temperatures apply acrylic paints of latex type. The bigger amount of rubber is their part and when coloring they create the layer which is strong connected with the basis.

Choose color of front paint, relying not only on the flavoring preferences, but also on a combination of color of walls to color of a roof and the base. For example, if you have a roof of red or brightly brown color, paint a facade in warm shades. If you have a blue roof, make color of walls white. The light brown or gray roof will be well combined with pink, light blue, green or pale yellow walls. Do color of a socle (basis) of the house more dark, than color of a facade.