How to define, a lark you or an owl

How to define, a lark you or an owl

People differ on daily biorhythms on two main groups – larks and owls. You will be able to feel much better if build the daily routine according to organism wishes.

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Compare characteristics of two types of biorhythms and choose what suits you more. Larks like to wake up early and to bed early to go, in the morning they are full of strength also energy, but by the evening are tired and cannot concentrate on important issues. Owls, on the contrary, prefer to have a sleep long, and sit up in the evening late. Go sleepy and angry in the morning, and are in the afternoon gathered energy, come to life and start being engaged in useful affairs in the late afternoon.

Carry out the analysis of the mood and behavior during the day. Think, in what time you are most efficient – in the morning or in the evening? In the day off you wake up early in the morning or like to have a sleep longer, enjoying such opportunity?

Analyse, to what meal you give preference – to a breakfast or a dinner. Larks like to have breakfast densely and not only because they manage to prepare it, and simply it is necessary to them for maintenance of forces. Owls, in turn, yet not absolutely woke up and prefer easy morning having a snack.

Learn, in which hour you were born. Some experts say that biorhythms of the person depend on time in which he was born. The children who appeared from 4 to 11 mornings become larks, and with 16 till midnight – owls. If you do not enter these hour periods, you treat the third group which was called by "pigeons".

Make small experiment. Right after morning awakening measure the pulse and number of sighs within a minute. Compare the obtained data and from their ratio draw a conclusion on the accessory. At "larks" a ratio 3:1 or less, at "owls" – 5:1 or more. If your result 4:1, – you "pigeon".

If after the analysis of and the habits all of you still remain in ignorance to whom to carry yourself, means you treat golubi group. In you qualities as "larks", and "owls" are combined. Therefore you the most versatile person capable to be arranged under various conditions.