How to send a card with animation

How to send a card with animation

As it is healthy to send animation cards to friends and as it is pleasant to receive such cards on the phone or on mail. Such messages are always more cheerful, they can tell about what not to express in words (for example, to make a declaration of love). It is much more interesting than a card with animation, than simply the picture, - be sure that they will be appreciated.

It is required to you

- the computer with Internet access.

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There are some ways of sending cards with animation, and to please friends with the attention. Here the most available of them. Create independently or find on the specialized sites (for example, the animation images suitable you on subject. Pay attention to a format: only pictures of "GIF" are subject to sending. Send a card by e-mail in the form of an investment.

Place the image on the photohosting compatible to the GIF format. Receive the reference to the animation picture and send it to the recipient in any way, including in the message of ICQ. Animation pictures of this format are supported practically by all browsers. However, if you sent a card to the person to number of the mobile phone, it can open as motionless.

Ask the friend or the girlfriend to install the UC browser on phone. On its phone the animation image, though with the admission of some shots will be displayed.

In case the image does not open at all, perhaps the mobile phone of the addressee does not support the GIF format. Animation pictures of the SWF format are more expressive. Besides animation they include both a sound, and interactivity elements.

Make sure that on the computer or phone of the addressee there is a Flash Player player. Without it the card in the SWF format simply will not open.

Find a card on one of the sites specializing on similar services. Copy the picture and send it to the recipient any in the way, convenient for you.

Consider that your friend will not be able to see a card of this format, having simply clicked on it. To open such file, it is necessary to keep it on a disk, and then again to enter into an address line a way to the saved file. Only thus it is possible to see the sent image.