As in Linux to install the program

As in Linux to install the program

The Linux operating system increases number of the admirers every year, it has a mass of indisputable advantages. But the user trying to pass with Windows to Linux can have a set of difficulties in development of this OS. In particular, unusual is a procedure of installation of programs.

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The main advantages of Linux are high reliability, resistance to virus and Trojan programs, lack of need to get the license – the overwhelming part of distribution kits of Linux and the software is delivered absolutely free of charge. At the OS installation you can install some programs at once, having chosen them in the course of installation from the offered list. You will be able to add other necessary appendices after the Linux installation.

Installation of programs in Linux radically differs from similar process in Windows. The main difference that the installed program is the separate module, it does not register data on itself in various directories and in the register as it occurs in OS from Microsoft. If you installed one hundred programs then, for some reason, decided to reinstall OS, it will be rather simple to you to connect the catalog with already installed programs. After that all of them again will be at your disposal. It should be notedIt should be noted that in Linux it is not accepted to reinstall OS, at emergence of failures it is repaired.

Actually installation of programs in Linux can happen in two main ways – in the graphic mode, that is to use of the special manager of programs, and from the console. The majority of programs in Linux are put from the posted online repositories therefore connection to a network is necessary. For installation of the program start the manager of programs, there will be a list of available packages. Note ticks those programs which you want to establish, and start installation.

After the beginning of installation the manager of programs will check so-called dependences – that is will define, whether it is necessary together with the chosen programs to load still any modules necessary for work of noted appendices. After that you will be asked to confirm installation, agree. Installation takes only a few seconds or minutes, depending on the program size. Upon termination of process there will be a message that the chosen packages are established, you can use them.

At installation from the console (a command line) special teams which format depends on the used distribution kit are used. For example, if you work in Ubuntu (Kubuntu), one of the most popular distribution kits of Linux, for installation of the program you should make the apt-get install team and to enter a name of the installed application. For example, you want to install the Opera browser, then the team will be such: apt-get install opera. The operating system itself will connect to a repository, will check dependences. After installation confirmation the browser will be installed on your computer. For its removal it is necessary to enter the apt-get remove opera team.

In Linux there are also other ways of installation – for example, from initial codes. For the beginner it is the most difficult way demanding certain knowledge of work from this OS therefore at the first acquaintance to Linux it is better for them not to use. In practice at its development it is necessary to find a concrete example of installation of any program for your distribution kit and to repeat all described steps.

It should be notedIt should be noted that the user trying to pass with Windows to Linux at first can be very disappointed with a strangeness of this OS. But if he after all tries to understand it and some time will work, will start deriving from work from this OS original pleasure. And later even some time to force it to return to Windows it will be almost impossible again. Thus nothing prevents to have on the computer and Windows as the second system.