What masks can be made of apple for fat face skin?

What masks can be made of apple for fat face skin?
To owners of fat face skin cosmetologists recommend to wipe skin natural apple juice. This procedure already in itself is effective – skin will receive food, moistening and excessive gloss will at the same time be cleaned. For more careful leaving try to make one of the offered masks.

Clear a half of average apple of a thin skin and seeds and rub on a small grater. Mix with a teaspoon of lemon juice, two tablespoons of curdled milk or low-fat kefir. Add to mix of a little wheat flour and stir. Impose a uniform layer a mask on the cleared face skin and hold fifteen minutes after which wash away a mask cool water. The mask has the good pulling together effect, slightly bleaches skin and matts it.

The clearing mask. Take on a tablespoon of the apple pulp rubbed on a small grater and oat flour or starch. Add a little warm boiled water that mix on a consistence became as dense sour cream. Put on a face a thick layer, take fifteen minutes. It is more convenient to wash away a mask a wadded disk which needs to be moistened periodically in cool water.

The pulling together mask. Cut small apple in half, clear one half of seeds and a thin skin and rub on a small grater. Beat one egg white, mix it with grated apple. Put a mask on a face, let's dry up slightly and impose one more layer. In fifteen minutes wash away slightly warm water and in completion of procedure surely wash cool water.