What for the Tsetse Dog group?

What for the Tsetse Dog group?
"Tsetse dog" Leningrad – threw hev – the group formed in the fall of 1988. At this time the majority of a heva – metal bands of Leningrad was in hopeless crisis: one groups cardinally changed the players, and others at all – broke up.

And in this crisis time the guitarist of "detonator" Sergey Zhitskov and Yury Arkharov decided to found new group with such strange, but sonorous name (it is probable on topic of the day, the animal between The Hound of the Baskervilles and a tsetse fly turned out: both stings, and bites, and frightens) a little.
"the Tsetse Dog" the drummer Andrey Melnikov ("Insulator", "Front") and the bass player – the vocalist Andrey Sinchuk ("Knockout") join.

Before to step on the big stage, in group the structure repeatedly exchanged: in January, 1989 Mikhail Ivanov ("Insulator", "House Laboratory"), and in three months became the vocalist of "the Tsetse Dog", the group was left by Sinchuk who was replaced by Alexander Fedorov (ex-"Ambulance").

Having decided on structure, "the Tsetse Dog" started giving actively concerts in Leningrad, to leave on a tour. She took part in many regional fate – festivals, and remained one of the few heavy metal bands of Leningrad which conducted vigorous concert activity.

In 1995 the group imperceptibly broke up.