How to sit down quickly on a cross split

How to sit down quickly on a cross split

Cross split – the most difficult type of an extension. For many people it becomes unattainable dream because of features of a constitution or lack of persistence. In some sports the twine is an obligatory element of the program - in sports aerobics, rhythmic gymnastics, etc.

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Before occupations on flexibility it is necessary to warm muscles well. Include in warm-up of exercise on rotation in coxofemoral and ankle joints, on bending and a leg extention in knees. Are effective for an occupation warming up on a racetrack and on a velosimulator. Try to train in the warm room. Put on in the elastic trousers and to a trowel which are completely closing a body. So you will avoid cooling of muscles during an extension.


Train not less than three times a week for 30 minutes. If you wishIf you wish to sit down on a cross split quickly – be engaged not less than five times a week. At first, when after occupation on an extension muscles start hurting, it is better to train in 1-2 days, will not pass pain yet. After adaptation of muscles to loading it is possible to pass to daily occupations.


Combine occupations on an extension with moderate power trainings. During power loadings of a muscle consistently are reduced and relax, intermuscular coordination develops. Do attacks with dumbbells in hands, knee-bends with lightweight, moves feet forward and in the parties with freights forward. Pump over muscles of a shin, hips and buttocks on exercise machines. More effective to do an extension after power training.


During performance of exercises on extension try to relax muscles as much as possible. The tight muscle at you will not manage to be stretched. Do the stretching effort within 10-15 seconds on an exhalation, on a breath – a reset. Hold a back a straight line. If there is a severe pain – weaken a tension of sheaves. It is necessary to last smoothly, without sharp breakthroughs.


Include three main exercises which will help you to sit down on a cross split in an extension:

- Sit down on a floor, having as much as possible moved apart feet in the parties. Raise hands up, straighten a back and make five smooth inclinations with return to nominative forward. Then lower hands down and last them as it is possible further from itself within 10-20 seconds. Make a small break and repeat 3-5 times. Try to reach for a floor not only hands, but also a breast, a stomach. In an ideal you have to lay down completely a trunk on a floor. Reach also for the right and left foot.

- Nominative – standing, feet are wider than shoulders. Clasp elbows hands and last forearms down. When reach a floor, reduce distance between feet and repeat exercise.

- Nominative – standing, feet are wider than shoulders, palms rest against a floor, fingers look forward, a back direct, the chin is raised. Gradually part feet in the parties, trying to reduce distance to a floor. Will feel intolerable pain – sit down, have a rest. Make 3-5 times. It is better to carry out this exercise on a slippery surface – linoleum, a parquet.