How to open open company in St. Petersburg

How to open open company in St. Petersburg

Small business in Russia surely occupies the market niche, and today many citizens begin own business. The first that it is necessary to make – to register limited liability company.

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When opening open company first of all pay attention to the following questions: to a choice of a primary activity, company name, system of the taxation, distribution of shares of authorized capital of firm.

Prepare a package of documents for registration. To natural persons: passport (photocopy) of the passport; photocopy of the certificate of an INN. To legal entities: the charter - the constituent document of open company; certificate on state registration of the organization; the certificate that the founder consists on the account in tax authority to the legal address; passport details of the CEO, his number INN; passport details of the head in the future, its number INN.

Take care of authorized capital. Its minimum size makes 10 000 rubles, but there are kinds of activity on which the bigger threshold is established.

Pay attention that in St. Petersburg to questions of registration of societies MI of FTS of the Russian Federation is engaged in No. 15 (The uniform center of registration) which Krasnogo Tekstilshchika St., the house 10-12, a letter is to the address "About". Specialists of the center will prepare documents within a week from the moment of receiving a full package of documents.

Use services of professional firms which are engaged in registration of legal entities. The cost of their work about 3600 rubles, "on a turn-key basis" - 8600, including the state tax and notarial expenses. Service in registration of limited liability company includes development of constituent documents of open company; its registration in MI of FTS No. 15 and registration in tax authority; process of production of the press of society; selection of the OKVED codes and assignment of codes of statistics, obtaining notification of Petrostat; registration of firm in Fund sots. insurance, in the Pension fund; if it is necessary - granting the legal address; drawing up the list of participants of open company according to the current legislation.