How to start the downloaded game

How to start the downloaded game

The computer games downloaded from the Internet most often have a format of an image of a disk with the iso expansion. They open to similarly usual games started from a disk except for procedure of assembling of an image on the virtual disk drive.

It is required to you

- Alcohol program of 120%.

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If you downloaded game in the form of the file of the iso format, load also the Alcohol program of 120% if that is not available for you. Best of all download it from the official site of the developer and after installation register its copy. Pay attention that also the Nero program will be suitable for work with images of a disk, they work by the similar principle and open identical formats of files.

Start the installed program. In the section of virtual disk drives to the sozdayena the number of the games established thus has to correspond or exceed new virtual carriers, their quantity. The file of the downloaded game transfer 120% to the working Alcohol area. After that right-click on it and select item of the menu "To mount on the device." also choose one of again created virtual disk drives.

If there was no game autostart, open "My computer" and then that disk drive on which you mounted game. Double click on it if occurred nothing, open the review of a disk from a context menu. Choose the Setup file and, following indications of the menu, install the program, having specified the folder for installation. It is best of all to choose Games directory on a local disk.

After installation start game. Pay attention that for start the image of a disk has to be mounted on the virtual drive, otherwise game can request a disk for continuation. For the same reason do not delete an image of a disk from which carried out installation.

If you already passed game, it was not pleasant to you or you want to uninstall it for any other reasons, simply remove it from the list of programs in the control panel and in the My Computer menu dismantle an image of a disk. After that remove an image of game if further do not plan its installation.