How to accept sab a simplex

How to accept sab a simplex

"Sab Simpleks" is a preparation which promotes removal of gases from a digestive tract at a meteorizm, an aerofagiya, before carrying out diagnostic testings, after a digestive tract operations, at intoxications detergents. A preparation safe therefore it is appointed even to newborn children who have problems with a tummy.

It is required to you

- teaspoon;
- preparation.

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Accept a preparation during food or after food. Before use intensively stir up a bottle, turn upside down. Give to newborn children and children of the first year of life a preparation according to the recommendation of the doctor and in the doses recommended by the pediatrician. Usually appoint on 15 drops which need to be placed in a small bottle with baby food. If the child is on breastfeeding, give it 15 drops "Sab Simpleksa" before feeding, place suspension in a small spoon and fill in to the child in a mouth as after feeding he will refuse to swallow of suspension. At a strong abdominal distension give a preparation before food or during each feeding.

Give a preparation to children from 1 year to 6 years in a dose of 15-20 drops during each food or after meal. If necessary can give to the child an additional dose before going to bed.

Give to children of 6 years 30 drops of suspension in time or after each food and if necessary before going to bed. The dose for adults makes 30-45 drops, depends on symptoms of a disease and from that, the preparation how effectively works.

Before preparation for any researches of a digestive tract, accept in the evening from 1 to 6 teaspoons of a preparation, depending on the recommendation of the doctor, on a hungry stomach as before any kinds of diagnostics it is forbidden to eat food. To accept 6 teaspoons "Sab Simpleksa", clean the dosing dropper. The same dose is recommended at intoxication by detergents.

Pregnant women and the feeding women if there are such problems as a meteorizm can accept a preparation. A dose for pregnant women just the same as for all adult patients also makes 30-45 drops 3-4 times a day after or during food and if necessary before going to bed.