How to sign invitations

How to sign invitations

Mailing of invitations is the remarkable ritual included in preparation for a wedding. Now the invitation can be not signed by hand, and to order in printing house. A problem of the young - to make the text of the invitation and to consider some nuances.

It is required to you

The list of guests with names and surnames
Printing house

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Before signing invitations, it is necessary to choose some versions of texts for different groups of guests. For example, surely there have to be official invitations in which date of a wedding, a place and time of a ceremony is chilly and informatively specified. It is also possible to prepare more emotional and sincere text of invitations for close relatives to show importance of an event and their presence at a wedding.


Then it is possible to buy ready invitations in shop of cards and to inscribe them by hand. The main thing - to choose in the most beautiful handwriting because presently the computers and keyboards very little who kept skill of the beautiful letter writing at whom.


If you decided to order invitations in printing house, it will simplify your problem of creation of texts. Usually in printing house already there are ready templates.


Surely check, whether the invitation that guests knew to whom to go on a wedding is signed. To foreknow number of future guests, at the end of the invitation it is possible to add an addition about the answer in case of a consent.