How to put an accent in words

How to put an accent in words

Sometimes in the printing text which we type in "Word" or other editor, it is required to put an accent in words. Of course, it is possible to manage allocation of a shock letter in bold or to isolate this letter a quote. However modern programs allow to insert an accent badge in several ways. It is necessary to choose what is convenient to you.

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If you work in the Word program, put the cursor after that letter which has to be noted by an accent. Then open the Insert tab on the top panel, will choose in it the field Symbol. Find an accent mark in the opened cells. Press it once the left key of a mouse. Below there will be an inscription with a combination of keys. For example, 0300, alt + x. Close a window with cells, and gather 0300 right after a shock letter in the text. Then press a combination of the keys alt + x on the keyboard.


If you need to put an accent over vowels and e oh, use Latin analogs of these letters. It is possible to learn combinations of keys for them (for example, 03AC of alt + x for Latin shock and) according to the same scheme on the top panel of the document in the Word program: Vstavka-Simvol.


One more option to write a Latin shock vowel - a combination of the ctrl keys and a badge of an apostrophe'. Switch the keyboard to an English apportion, press these keys, and then an English letter - analog of the Russian. It will appear on the screen together with an accent.


Download free addition to the Word program - Reorganization from any site with software. In this program there are macroes which will allow to put an accent in words, without passing to Latin. Consider that this program is compatible not to all versions of text editors.