How to create the virtual server

How to create the virtual server

Knowledge of installation of the virtual server is necessary not only to the professional web developer, but also the ordinary user as it is irreplaceable at creation of your site. From all programs which can play a server role, the package of distribution kits "Denver", namely a gentlemen's set of the web developer is allocated. Modern technological systems allow without special effort to install this system.

It is required to you

Denver program, personal computer, Internet, browser

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First of all visit the official site of the http://www program///////////, from where download the latest version of a basic package. At the moment it is Denver 3.


After the program was loaded, start it and answer positively a question: Whether "You want to establish Denver?"


Further the black window where you have to answer questions simply will open. Here it is necessary to pay attention to some things. When you are asked where it is necessary to install the program, specify the corresponding folder (it is by default offered to establish in C:Web Servers directory). If you are going to establish for a flash store, simply specify its letter.


Then you will have to enter a name of a virtual disk which will be actually the copy of a directory where the program will be installed.


After that process of copying of files of the program will begin, and you will need only to choose as the program will be started, namely - automatically when loading system (if you are going to work with Denver regularly, this option is most convenient) or only at the command of start of a complex. For this purpose it is necessary to click the corresponding label which will suggest to send you to a desktop all contents to a program installation time.


Respectively it is necessary and to switch off the program as before completion of work you too will need to click a label.


Now process of installation is complete, and you should check only, whether Denver works. For this purpose pass into your favourite browser and enter http://localhost/denwer/. If the page of the program opens, everything works.