How not to spoil the child the love?

How not to spoil the child the love?
Without deep, self-sacrificing love of children does not happen and there cannot be a full education in a family. In love of children it is very important to observe sense of proportion.

Remembering own hard childhood, other parents create to the child, especially only, carefree, cloudless life. Thinking that arrive under laws of love, they indulge all its whims, protect from cares and works.
Such parents deeply are mistaken. Their love is unreasonable and can lead to that the child will grow up the egoist, the shirker, the idler, and with such "baggage" hardly to live.

But also those parents who consider are not right that to show love and tenderness — means to spoil children that the main educational tool — severity, a hail, punishments. Such installation of the father or mother alienates children, does them unsociable and even cruel.

The reasonable love of children is shown in the tenderness which is not reaching a zalaskivaniye in the care which is not conducting to potachka in insistence which is always combined with respect for the identity of the child.
The atmosphere of love and friendship in a family is created by the common spiritual interests, joint work and entertainments, heart-to-heart talks.