How to change a voice in record

How to change a voice in record

For creation of an unusual postscoring the records of a voice changed by means of the audioeditor's filters are quite often used. So, for example, Masyani's voice, the character of a popular cartoon serial, it was made by change of a tonality of initial record. Such transformation of a voice can be executed in the Adobe Audition program.

It is required to you

- Adobe Audition program;
- the file with record of a voice.

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Load record of a voice in the audioeditor, having opened a dialog box a combination of the Ctrl+O keys. If the sound in record was silent, use to it to increase in loudness the Normalize filter from Amplitude group of the Effects menu.

Before changing a voice, clean background noise from record. It can be made by means of the filters assembled in Restoration group of the Effects menu. For elimination of continuous high-frequency noise Hiss Reduction is usually used and to clean noise of the specified profile from record, the Noise Reduction filter will approach. Before work with this filter allocate the record fragment containing only noise and press a combination of the Alt+N keys.

For transformation of a voice by means of change of a tonality you will need filters from Time/Pitch group. If you need to imitate in addition the movement of a source of a sound around or from left to right, use the Doppler Shifter filter. It is possible to specify starting and final position of a source of a sound, a trajectory of its movement and speed of movement in a settings window of this effect. To estimate action of Doppler Shifter, choose one of the kept preset and listen to result of application of effect to record, having clicked the Preview button.

The Pitch Bender filter gives the chance differently to change a voice tonality in separate sites of record. For change of a sound by means of this filter click at first and to the end of a fragment which are going to change, and drag the arisen anchor points on the necessary height.

The Stretch filter allows to combine change of a tonality with change of speed of record. Having chosen the option Time Stretch, you can accelerate or slow down a voice, without changing its tonality. Pitch Shift allows to change a tonality at preservation of tempo of speech that happens it is necessary at creation of a postscoring. The option Resample allows to combine change of speed and a tonality.

For additional registration of the changed record it is possible to use filters from Delay Effects group which create effect of the voice sounding indoors with different characteristics – from the pool to a wooden box. Besides, by means of filters of this group it is possible to turn one voice into a duet or chorus.

Apply the option Save As from the File menu to preservation of the edited record. Not to lose the initial file, keep the changed sound under the name different from the name of the original file.