How to sort a headlight

How to sort a headlight

Frankly speaking, you will not envy the motorist who is compelled to sort a car headlight VAZ 2112. Because in this case for achievement of the purpose it is necessary to sort nearly a half of the car.

It is required to you

- a wrench on 17 mm
- a wrench on 13 mm
- screw-driver

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At the first stage facing of a radiator and a front bumper is dismantled.
Having unscrewed two top bolts of fastening of facing of a radiator, she leaves by method of simple removal up.


Then lateral bolts of fastening of a bumper to a body get out. In case by car protection of a case of the engine is established, bolts of its fastening to forward part of a bumper are turned off.


Further, two more bolts of fastening of a bumper from above get out. Then the bumper is removed in the direction forward.


After the done manipulations with a bumper and facing of a radiator, full access to a headlight which is possible for dismantling for final dismantling now opens.


For dismantle of the equipment it is necessary to unscrew two bolts of fastening of a headlight from above, and on one - from sides. Then clip-on earrings of fastening of a lens then the headlight is considered completely sorted are removed.