How to disaccustom to night feeding after a year

How to disaccustom to night feeding after a year

Cancellation of night feedings – quite long and difficult process demanding from parents is a lot of forces and patience. The basic rules which need to be observed at an otucheniye: try to be consecutive in the actions, do not force an event and, above all - listen to internal state of the kid.

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In order that the child did not hunger at night, he has to eat well before going to bed. Offer the kid nutritious, but not really heavy dish. For example, baked pudding from cereals and vegetables or milk porridge. You should not give to the child for the night meat or sweets, they not only will complicate digestion process, but also will make a dream uneasier.

In advance pick up drink which offer the child at night. It is better to use simple drinking water or a fruit drink. Do not give to the kid fruit juice, compotes or kissels, they are not capable to satisfy thirst. And the child will instinctively want to wake up once again to drink tasty and sweet drink. Give to drink to the baby from its favourite cup, a poilnik or a small bottle.

If the kid is on breastfeeding and sleeps with you in one bed, try to transfer it to a separate bed. The distance helps some children to sleep more strong and less often to rise at night. Start feeding the kid sitting that to him was not really comfortably, perhaps, it will stop him when he wants to wake up again.

It is better if at night the father or the grandmother approaches the child to calm him and to allow to drink. Join only when at them it is impossible to lull the kid. Very often children cry in a dream not with hunger at all, and for fear or internal concern. Try to stroke the baby, to whisper to it on an ear of the word of a consolation. And only if the child continues to cry – suggest it to drink.

Important factor of a qualitative night dream of the kid is sufficient physical activity in the afternoon. Do not neglect gymnastics, cheerful outdoor games and long walks in the fresh air. The tired kid will fall asleep much quicker, and his dream will be quieter and stronger. Gradually need for night feedings will disappear.