How to come to Moscow Art Theatre school studio

How to come to Moscow Art Theatre school studio

Moscow Art Theatre school studio – one of the most prestigious higher education institutions of the country in which many famous Soviet and Russian actors were trained. Teaching in it is based on Stanislavsky's system, occupations the best masters of Art theater, therefore conduct very high competition and increased requirements for entrants there. To be admitted to this school, it is necessary to have undoubted talent.

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For receipt in the Moscow Art Theatre it is necessary to have the secondary full general or professional education. Collect all documents: the passport, the copy of the military ID, the copy of the capital certificate, the certificate about leaving school or technical school. Take six pictures 3х4. Documents are filed in Kamergersky Lane in Moscow.

Pass the Unified State Examination in the Russian and literature who is carried out during final examinations at school. Bring the certificate on results of Unified State Examination together with other documents. If you graduated from school till 2009, not obligatory to have results of Unified State Examination – it is possible to pass usual examination. The same concerns to the entrants having secondary vocational education in theatrical area.

Pass three selection rounds, they are carried out from May 16 to June 28. With yourself take only the passport. It is not necessary to register in participation, simply choose any day, convenient for you. Prepare the program – pick up poems, fables, fragments from works. Rehearse the performance several times. At successful passing of all rounds you will be allowed before entrance examinations. Until the end of June file collected documents to a selection committee.

Learn the schedule of examinations for the specialty, be prepared for them. So, future actors need to recite the literary work, to sing any song (musicality of the entrant is checked), dance or other exercise to show plasticity. Train the diction before examination, carry out exercises on development of a voice as the speech will be checked by logopedists and the doctor-foniator. Screenwriters will need to write creative work. Usually the first examination takes place on July 1.

Results of examinations declare in July. If you arrived, bring originals of all documents in a selection committee. If you could not pass entrance examinations, you have a chance to come to the Moscow Art Theatre on a paid basis. In that case you need to address in a selection committee. Consider that the grant to pupils on a paid basis is not paid. The entrants having the higher education are trained only for a fee.