How to learn to sight-read

How to learn to sight-read

In each subject there is the technique of training. It helps to acquire as fast as possible and effectively knowledge. Is not an exception and music. In particular, its very important component – ability to sight-read. On what it is worth paying attention when obtaining this skill?

It is required to you

- a leaf with information,
- musical instrument.

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For a long time importance of ability to sight-read is noted. All large musical educational institutions of Russia and the world without fail included this skill to the middle of 19 century in the programs. Reading at sight develops hearing, thinking and movement skills, allows to be guided quickly in keys, prepares the pupil for further performances in musical collectives. Understanding for what you need to be able to sight-read, training in it will go more simply.


The individual talent has the value when training in reading at sight, but experience too plays the large role therefore find enough time for this aspect.


Well learn all graphics of a musical notation. Otherwise you will spend time for remembering a symbol, in a melody there will be pauses that categorically it is impossible to allow.


Learn to play "blindly", i.e. without looking at keys. If the look jumps at sight on hands, the probability to lose the reproduced fragment that will result in inconsistency of rate of music and pauses in game is high. Try to play in the dark or blindly.


Constantly develop the hearing and rehearse. For reading the linking of three components is at sight important – to see, hear and play. The more you have an experience, the it will be easier for you it is not simple to see that you need to play, but also logically to understand how the melody can develop further.


Develop in general the memory in any ways. It will allow you to remember a musical fragment. Until you reproduce it, eyes you will read already following fragment, to remember it, to lose, etc. At music schools often use such way of training of memory. For the small period of time show you a musical leaf. You have to remember and reproduce the seen fragment. You can train in this way and at home independently.