How to prepare classical dough for pelmeni?

How to prepare classical dough for pelmeni?
It is difficult for me to judge what of recipes of dumplings dough it is possible to carry to the classical. Exists kinds of dough much.
But I so believe that this category have to enter following from them:

Ingredients for classical dumplings dough

Dough No. 1

Wheat flour – ½ kg
Eggs – 2 pieces.
Water – 200 ml
Vegetable oil – 1 tbsp.
Salt – ½ tsps.

Dough No. 2

Wheat flour – ½ kg
Eggs – 1 piece.
Milk – 110 ml
Water is boiled (cold) – 1/3 glasses
Salt – ½ tsps.

Dough No. 3

Wheat flour – 1 glass
Flour buckwheat – 1 St.
Eggs – 2 pieces.
Water boiled (cold) – ½ glasses
Salt – 1 tsp.

Way of preparation:

The way of preparation of dumplings dough is identical to all recipes.

Sift a flour on a chopping board. Make deepening in the center of the turned-out hill and hammer into it eggs/eggs. Then, add salt, water, milk, oil (everything that is specified in a compounding), and it is very accurate, taking gradually a flour from tanks, start kneading dough.

When you collect all flour, you need to knead dough simply. It has to turn out elastic and rather abrupt.

As recommend skilled hozyayushka, dumplings dough needs to allow "to have a rest. For this purpose cover it with a pure towel and leave for about 30-40 minutes. Though, the dough prepared with a buckwheat flour is ready to use at once, after its vymeshivaniye.

Roll ready dough in layer and make of it circles which then is necessary only to be filled with forcemeat.

Bon appetit!