How to tighten an internal surface of a hip

How to tighten an internal surface of a hip

Beautiful hips - pledge of harmoniously developed constitution. Often with this part of a body there are problems. So, what it is necessary to make to tighten internal part of hips?

It is required to you

- Gym;
- gymnastic sphere;
- sportswear.

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Do jogs uphill. Find the small hill or a hill approximately in 100 meters. Warm up within 10-15 minutes and approach the foot of the mountain. Quickly run upward and slowly go down a trot. Do so not less than 6-10 rises and descents. Well recover the breath after this exercise. Given exercises trains as a hip, and develops endurance.


Make exercises on a slippery surface. If the special adaptation is not present, the usual parquet or linoleum will approach. Cramp feet together, remove one aside and then put it back in the center. Do too most and with other foot. Slide thus 15 minutes.


Execute exercise with a ball. There is a special big gymnastic ball which use in fitness studios. Acquire this stock. It very much to be necessary for you in the future for trainings. Put it on the earth, lay down on a floor and clasp feet a ball from both parties. Raise a lower back up, having made a peculiar bridge. Fall to initial situation. Work with a back surface of a hip. Be engaged so no more than 10 minutes for 1 time.


Sit down on a ball and squeeze it feet from two parties. Bend knees a little to exempt joints from work. Now squeeze feet so strongly as far as it in general is possible. This isometric reduction will help to work internal part of hips well.


Make attacks. Evolve one foot dramatically forward. Bend both knees at an angle of 90 degrees. Tighten a hind leg and an otshagnita another far back. Now simply move alternately thus. Be convinced that the back knee does not concern the earth when you take away a foot. Hold a back directly and increase speed. Do so not less than 30-40 times.