How to clean a sewer pipe

How to clean a sewer pipe

If water in your sink became slowly it is time to flow down, so to designate a drain. The market offers a large number of means and subjects for a clearing of sewer pipes so even the nonprofessional who decided to fix independently a jam problem in a pipe is capable to cope with this task successfully.

It is required to you

The plunger, spiral for a clearing of pipes, liquid for a clearing of pipes, rubber gloves

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Take the plunger. It is the softest way of a clearing of a pipe. Fill sewer and a sink with water on 1/3. The Kachkovy movements try to punch a jam. If everything worked well, use the plunger periodically, for prevention.


If the plunger did not succeeded to cope with a problem, take liquid for removal of zasor in sewer pipes. Protect skin of hands rubber gloves. Attentively study the instruction on a bottle with liquid. Pour out the recommended dosage of a preparation in a drain opening of a sewer pipe if water costs in a sink, directly in water. Leave for 15 – 30 minutes. Wash out a large amount of hot water. Carefully wash up hands.


If liquid for a clearing of pipes did not manage to cope with a jam, take a spiral for cleaning of pipes. The spiral needs to be entered into a sewer pipe, will not feel resistance yet. Twisting and progress of a spiral try to punch a zasor and to remove dirt.