How to connect stockings spokes

How to connect stockings spokes

Stockings which are on sale in shop, usually make of synthetics. Besides, they not strong and quickly enough wear out. Warm and soft woolen stockings can be connected the hands. For this purpose it is enough to possess the main skills of knitting (to be able to knit front and back loops, to do ubavka and to knit on chulochny spokes).

It is required to you

- 300 g of a yarn;
- direct spokes No. 2;
- set of chulochny spokes No. 2.

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Any wool yarn, the only condition will be suitable for knitting of stockings – it has to be thin, about 1600 m in hundred grams.

Previously connect a sample, which optimum density of 26 loops on 42 rows in a sample of 10х10 cm. If the quantity of loops in your sample differs, take spokes of bigger or smaller diameter or make calculation for your measures.

For knitting of children's tights on age of 4-5 years gather 75 loops. Provyazhite of 5 cm usual elastic band 1x1 or 2x2.

Further knit the main pattern nedovyazanny ranks. For this purpose provyazhit 50 loops (other loops not to a provyazyvayta), develop knitting and knit on drawing a back row. Then knit on drawing of 5 cm.

Provyazhite of 55 loops, turn knitting and knit on drawing a back row. Further again knit 5 cm directly. In the following row provyazhit 60 loops, not dovyazyvy 15, and turn knitting. 3 cm knit directly and start doing ubavka between feet as follows.

Lower 2 loops at the beginning and the end of the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th ranks, and then knit 5 cm directly. Further lower 6 loops evenly on all cloth, a provyazhita of 5 more cm and in the following row lower 6 more loops. Now knit directly to the necessary length of stockings to an ankle.

Now pass to knitting with chulochny spokes. Sphere loops and knit, as a usual sock.

At first on two spokes knit a heel. Provyazhit about 10 rows a front smooth surface, then share all quantity of loops on 2 spokes into 3 parts and knit, provyazyvy the last loop of a middle part and the first – the third part together. Do in this way until on a spoke there are loops only of a middle part.

Further gather at the edges of a heel of a loop and knit a front smooth surface around to a little finger. It is possible to knit the top part on drawing, and lower a front smooth surface.

Lower loops to create a toe. Divide them into two parts (top and a bottom). Provyazhite one loop front, one loop remove, provyazhit following front and stretch through it removed. At the end of a row provyazhit 2 together and one front. Similar to a provyazhita the second part. Knit in this way until on spokes there are 4-6 loops. Pull together these loops, tear off a thread and hide in a sock by means of a hook.

11 Connect the second symmetric detail. That stockings were stronger and convenient in a sock connect a gusset – a small square of 5х5 cm. Sew trouser-legs, sew a gusset. Insert an elastic band into a hollow elastic band. Stockings are ready.