How to cure bile

How to cure bile

Functional disorders of motive functions of a gall bladder and extra hepatic channels is called as dyskinesia of a gall bladder and zhelchevyvodyashchy ways. Distinguish a hypertensive and hypotonic form of dyskinesia. In the first case there is a weak reduction of a gall bladder leading to an effluence of bile from it. In the second option the reduced bubble does not emit bile. The postponed infections, diseases of an internal, violations of functions of the central nervous system, violation of a diet, etc. are a cause of illness.

It is required to you

- grass of a sporysh;
- flowers of a camomile pharmaceutical;
- buckthorn bark;
- the St. John's Wort which is made a hole;
- flowers of an immortelle sandy;
- rhubarb root;
- grass of a yarrow ordinary;
- the grass chistotet;
- grass of a silverweed goose;
- leaf of a peppermint.

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Take on 4 parts of flowers of an immortelle and the St. John's Wort which is made a hole, 3 parts of a grass of a sporysh, 1 part of flowers of a camomile of pharmaceutical, 2 parts of bark of a buckthorn, having crushed all components, mix. Fill in 4 tablespoons of medicinal collecting with liter of cold water for the night. Having brought to boiling in the morning, boil 7-9 minutes. Then cool and filter. In the morning on an empty stomach drink 250 ml of broth, divide the remains into 4 equal portions and accept during the day in half an hour after food.


Take 1 part of a root of a rhubarb, 3 parts of an immortelle, 4 parts of a grass of a yarrow, having crushed all ingredients, mix. 1,5 tablespoons of collecting fill in 200 ml of the boiling water, put for an hour per a warm place, then filter. Drink on 180 ml for the night. A course of treatment – 21 days. In 3-4 months repeat a course of treatment.


The hypertensive form with spasms of dyskinesia of bilious ways is effectively treated by the following phytocollecting. Take in an equal proportion a grass of a chistotel, silverweed goose and a leaf of a peppermint. 1,5 tablespoons of the crushed grass collecting fill in with a glass of hot water, bring to boiling on slow fire and having put on a water bath, insist 30 minutes. Then filter and bring infusion volume to the initial. Accept on 1 glass of hot infusion a day. A course of treatment – 3 weeks.