Why start smoking

Why start smoking

Each smoker has memories of what induced them to light the first cigarette once. In most cases it was independently made and considered decision. So why people start smoking?

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "Why Start Smoking" As will act the law against smoking Why women live more long That is undertaken against smoking According to the last statistics, modern children smoke the first cigarette at the age of 10-12 years. Why so early?

Many factors promote that children and teenagers try to smoke. But that smoking becomes children's hobby, first of all, adults are guilty. After all they everywhere smoke, accustoming the child to watch since early years smoking and to get used to that it is the standard norm.

Adults smoke on the street, in all institutions where it is allowed to smoke. Adults with cigarettes, cigars, tubes for smoking can be seen in movies, on billboards, photos, concerts. If at the child the father and mother smoke, no wonder, that he early will start showing interest in this harmful occupation. It is important to remember that all adults, and especially own parents, are for the growing-up person an example for imitation. He wants to adopt somewhat quicker all their abilities and habits. So the children's psychology works.

That is why follows since early years when the identity of the child only starts being put, tell him about harm of smoking. Become for the kid a good sample of the person, independent of nicotine. It will be excellent if you as far as possible start filtering that information which your child receives from the TV, the Internet and other sources. Try that any promotion of smoking avoided a fate to be heard or seen by your kid.

Not so long ago researches which proved were conducted that nicotinic dependence is transferred at the genetic level. For many became not surprising why children of the smoking parents quickly enough become heavy smokers.

Sometimes children of non-smoking parents start smoking. Most often the environment in which there is a child is guilty of it. It is impossible to allow that your child got to the bad company. Some psychologists consider that parents should not interfere with friendly relations of the child, but this opinion is disputable. After all due to the life experience and the acquired wisdom adults understand people better. And their parental duty consists first of all in protecting the kid from possible troubles.

Sometimes, that children grab a cigarette because revolt against the power of teachers, parents, any adults. They want to seem is more senior, and the cigarette seems for them the real attribute of a maturity. Some are brought by the "gregarious instinct" which is expressed in unwillingness though to differ in something from people around. Someone by means of a cigarette tries to lift the rating among age-mates. Quite often the girl start smoking to draw attention of the pleasant boy, especially, if he too smokes. To smoking it is considered one of the most widespread occasions following to a mass stereotype "In this life it is necessary to try everything".

It is necessary to tell that if the person did not start smoking in children's and teenage years, he can become a smoker at any age. And the reasons of the beginning of smoking at each age the approximately identical.